Mother’s Day Surprise!!

Oh my–

UPS delivered a package–

it’s not something >>I<< ordered–

Oh, a gift card–;


Could be–

it’s a box big enough for flowers–

Hmmm…The USP label says DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE – OK TO OPEN Fresh Cut Flowers and/or Foliage Product of Columbia and/or Ecuador, Tulips, Lilies and Irises product of California and/or Holland–

Hmmm…Columbia? Drugs? Horrors! Surely not that!…Tulips, Lilies, and Irises…those sound great!–

Description: Mom’s Rose Delights – Good–

But roses weren’t mentioned above. ??? and the box doesn’t look long/tall enough for usual florists’ roses–

Ah, the excitement grows.–

Slit the tape carefully (at the bottom to preserve the FTD sticker on the top of the box)–

Hmmm…a round pink cardboard with a broad pink ribbon–

Pull gently–

My, my, a five-tiered cardboard “cake” of graduated little hat boxes. Each one is papered with red and pink roses; each one with a soft pink top; the ribbon binding them all together in a stack, with a pink silk rose on the very top along with the wide pink ribbon tied in a pretty bow–

Loosen the ribbon at the top by sliding it off the stem of the flower–Open the top 3.25″ box–

3 cellophaned frosted cookies…2 white, 1 chocolate–

Pull the 1st off it’s little dab of sticky stuff and see what box #2 (4″) hides…Oh my! 10 Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares…Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling!–

#3 (5″) has, hiding under white tissue, a 2oz. box of Godiva Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Cashews–

#4 (6″) has, also under tissue…a cellophane bag of bite-sized Pecan Shortbread cookies–

Oh Lordy! Any diet I thought about keeping just vanished!!–

What could possibly be left in box #5 (7″)?–

Pull down the taped ribbon…Open…lift the tissue…OHHH…Godiva Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Truffles (Milk chocolate with a creamy milk chocolate filling (4oz.))

I think I just died and went to chocolate heaven!! But who sent this bouquet of deliciousness?

Oh wait–there’s a card behind the shipping label envelope–

“I know Mother’s Day is supposed to be chocolate and flowers, figured this covered both. Enjoy! Love, Autumn

Hey Autumn!! You sure do have this Mother’s Day all figured out!! Thank you baby girl!

Wouldn’t this bundle of goodies have lit up your Dad’s eyes!! He would have been more deserving, but I’m totally happy to serve as mother now that all the hard work is done.

Love, Mom