Just for those who like to know, my surname is pronounced Doe-ZAY.  Sorta French Alsace Lorraine area–but really rooted more in German/English stock—but who gives a hiss about that?  My previous ‘marriage’ names have been Birchfield and Reed.  I’m the sort who writes ‘funny’–even to the IRS.

Recently, I transplanted myself from San Diego to gorgeous North Carolina because my perfect house in the perfect area was affordable here.  I relish watching the critters come and mooch right outside my bay window.  And there’s also the ever-changing weather here, right down to rain!  I’m a little less enchanted with the glorious displays of lightning storms since a bolt shot through the window and fried all three of my interior phone lines.  Even the light snow we get here is entertaining, especially since I don’t have to go drive in it.

I’m owned and supervised by two Siamese ‘mutts’ who allow me to write when they are napping.  Now emptying moving boxes is another matter since all items need to be closely inspected and all aforementioned boxes have to be checked for habitability.  In exchange, they share their fleas with me.  I’ve tried to renegotiate this arrangement, but they find it to their satisfaction and aren’t open to discussions.  The Kitty 500—which tracks around the outside of the ½ bath that’s sort of an island in the middle of the lower floor—demonstrates what ‘scatter-rug’ really means, and is held nightly, weather permitting.

Oops!  Naps are over.  Time to attend to the girls.

More later!


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