Blogging or Whatever while Sleeping

It was one of Those nights.  I climbed into bed ready to surrender to the embrace of Morpheus and my mind squirreled into a thousand directions rather than shutting down.

I tried my old tried and true counting backward technique, but blogging kept interfering.  Not that I got up and finally entered a new blog.  No, this was all mental.  Something like this:

79, 78 [I usually start at a random, but high, number] — How ’bout that nagging “you forgot something” moment — 77, 76, 75 — Getting ready for super-special visitors at Christmas? — 75, 74 — Did I turn off the light in the bathroom? — 73, 72, 71 — Should I spell Dianne’s [protagonist in current manuscript] name with one ‘n’ or two?  After all, my sister’s name has only one ‘n’. — 71, 70, 69 — Should I relate all the machinations of turning the deflating over night Aero bed my guest used last visit into a solid King using two thick foam mattresses? — 68, 66 [so math isn’t my strongest suit–I have other great attributes!], 65 — Would anyone even believe how I built the “box springs” literally from still-full-of-books (and taped) file boxes not yet dealt with from the move from CA to NC that were stacked to the ‘cathedral’ ceiling in what should be the living room? — 64, 63, 62 — And would anyone reading my blog understand the actual ironing of the prettiest, but not permanent-pressed bedding set my sister handed down to me?  — 61, 60, 49 — Well, there IS, after all, my OCD motto:  Anything worth doing is worth Over Doing! — 48, 47, 46, 45 — And stuffing [read: forcing] each huge hunk of foam mattress into zippered mattress covers?  By my lone self?  — 44 — Or the delight in finding the matching bedskirt fit over the boxes very nicely, with only about an inch or so on the carpet? — 44, 43, 42 — But wrestling the not-so-heavy, but unwieldy mattresses into their designated places resulted in serious displacing of said bedskirt? Oooph! — 44, 43, 42 — It only took four King mattress covers, ‘donated’ from my parents’ estate or my sister’s generosity, to almost obliterate the crack between the mattresses. — 42, 43, 44 — oops — 43, 42, 41 — The absolute beauty of the crisply ironed fitted bottom sheet–in its mint green with stemmed soft lilac and white flowers, carefully  placed so the stems ran vertically– HEY!  King fitted sheets are SQUARE! — 41, 40, whatever — Finding the wide top hem and snapping the top sheet (so NOT wrinkled anymore!!) into place . . . only to discover the design in the flower stems ran horizontally!  Rats!  Did I REALLY care enough to redo the bottom sheet?  No, I was Assembling, not DISassembling, and REassembling! — 38, 37, 33 — Spreading the duvet cover, so smooth, such a perfect finish!, over the gorgeous creation — 32 — Except that the comforter I wanted to stuff the duvet cover with was not big enough–by a foot on all sides!  — 31 — And the only other comforter that would fit was an incredibly beautiful green and blue wavy design that I was going to fold elegantly on the ‘luggage racks’ (which will, some time in the future, be assembled into the shelving they’re supposed to be).  Maybe. — 31, 30, 29 — I’ll do my Scarlett thing and face all this down another day. — 29, 28 — Maybe I can write about my perfect Eden tucked into the towering trees. — 27 — With the squirrels and birds. — 26, 25, 24, I’m getting low on numbers.  Turn over, relax all the facial muscles, SLEEP!  23, 22 — Did Dianne ever take the cinnamon buns out of the over? — 21 — I need to wrap that neighbors’ gift and get it over to them.  Is that poison ivy still active on the overgrown path between our houses?  Is the ground still wet.  Maybe I’ll drive over.  Next door?  Comeon! — 20, 19, 18, 17 — I should start another countdown. — 98, 97, 96 — Have I overdone the towels in the guest bathroom?  I just couldn’t pass up those luxurious bath sheets–but four of them for two people?  Hmmm . . . I’ll put one in the linen cupboard. — 99, 100 — nope — 99, 98 — Relax the cheeks — 97, 96, 95 — I have GOT to get the dishwasher emptied before the sink stacks up with a full load to go! — 94, 93, 92 — HEY!  That comforter on my writing chair is big!  Into the washer with it first thing tomorrow! — 92, 91, 90 — Should I write that down?  Can I trust my memory? Nah, but too bad about that. — 89, 88, 87 — Is the DVR full?  How can I get the auto-record programs to stop auto-recording?  Surely I’ve seen every Murder She Wrote and NCIS and Criminal Minds by now.  No, there was that one from Friday that was new . . . 87, 86, 84 — I love the How Done Its!  Forensics is fascinating!  Maybe I’ll write about . . . nah, the experts are better with that stuff. — 83, 82 . . .

Enough already!  [See motto above!]  So why is it when I even think to update my blog, unlike Minta Hall, who’s thrice as busy as I’ll ever be, and who manages entirely too regularly to entertain me with her blog , that I can sit in my glider and stare at the laptop screen and not a single thought–Did I remember to feed the cats?  Was that the mail just delivered?


So how do YOU get to sleep?  Obviously my method needs, on occasion, a bit of improving.

That really WAS the mail–with my binoculars I can see a box sitting on top.  Later!!


Language–always growing–backward?

My father was, to say the least, a word freak.  One clue?  His favorite book was an unabridged dictionary.  Can you even imagine his reaction to my coming home from college with a new word: “Bitchin’.”  A hint:  It wasn’t pretty.  Guess which word I never used in his presence again.

So what would he think of the new response to “thank you?”  “No problem” just doesn’t work for me.  I wasn’t intending to give them a problem when I thanked them.

And have you asked anyone, “How are you?” recently?  “I’m good” has fairly much replaced “I’m well.”  Puts a whole other meaning to the answer, doesn’t it?  Does the occasional person respond with “I’m feeling poorly?”  Makes me want to ask, “What’s happened to your fingers that you aren’t able to feel well with them?”

How does “absolutely” sound as a replacement for “yes?”  Believe me, you’ll be happier if you don’t get me started on “whatever.”

I loved when one of my favorite authors wrote that character “literally walked on air.”  Gee, how far above the ground was she walking?  Confusion between “virtually” and “literally” is far too common.

During one discussion with my father I dared to suggest that “whom” was being phased out of everyday English.  Not one of the wisest arguments I ever started, but rest assured that I’ve seldom missed an opportunity to use “whom” since that incident.

So what words or phrases thump against your eardrums?  I really would like to know.


Mouse. Mouses? Mice?

Mice stink!  Literally for the pesky, destructive little rodents; figuratively for electronic mice!

When you have more than one of the mouse devices for your computer are the called mouses?  Or mice?

Perhaps I should point out that I really do use my laptop on my lap–on a lap desk, of course.  Since my favorite place to create is in a glider chair, with a companion glider foot stool, this is ideal for me.  However, the only logical place for the mouse is on the lower right corner of the laptop itself.  This can present its own tangle of problems, the major one being lack of room for the mouse to function properly.  And I don’t even want to go into trying to use the built-in laptop mouse, so please don’t bother to suggest that.

I have, in too short a time, acquired a whole nest of the electronic sort.  What a shame my cats won’t thin the population of those out.  I have had to buy new ones to replace somewhat new ones, which just fries my bacon!  So I have large-hand and small-hand models, some with cords (which do come in handy when the mouse mysteriously disappears), most now without.  But it doesn’t seem to matter which type it is–the wretched thing fails to work properly.

One, for example, worked fine for three weeks, then decided it would rather stay in the upper left corner of the screen.  ???  First time I’ve ever had THAT problem.  No matter what I did–and I did plenty you’re definitly not supposed to do to the little monsters–it wouldn’t leave that corner.  This nasty little habit made it somewhat difficult to continue my novel writing, or anything else we’ve come to depend on with computers.  Arrrgggg!  I even had to resort to untangling a really old, very slow, huge hand type, corded model and struggle with that one until I could figure out just what to do.

Well, along came Cyber Monday.  >> GRIN <<  Of all the holidays, I do think that one’s the very best!!

So I now have a totally different electronic creature.  This one arches its back for me to use, then collapses flat when I’m done–a bit like my cats except I don’t have to feed or clean up after it.  It even has the teensiest little USB plug–about the size of thumbnail that magnetically adheres to the underside for storage.  Whether I should be worried that using a magnetic devise atop my computer will remain to be determined.  Since it’s been designed and marketed by the same company that created Windows, with all the accompanying headaches that has caused, the vote could go either way.  But, so far, I’m pleased.  It’s fast, doesn’t have to move all over the place, and once I really get the hang of it’s particular personality, I think we’re going to be great friends.  So far the major drawback is that it’s a PC only model–not unexpected considering the manufacturer–but a pain since I also use a Mac.

So tell me–in my nest of retired mouse models, are they mouses?  Or mice? Continue reading

Holidays! Why wait?

As I observe all the shoppers laden with cheery packages, I have to wonder why we don’t spread all that joyous celebration out over the year.  Rather than just starting Christmas shopping about, say, July, why not create gift exchanging every month?  We could set it somewhere around the optimum income time each month to maximize our ability to give the best stuff to everyone on our list.

Hey!  More than that, why don’t we just agree that we will buy just what we want for ourselves, and our previous recipients will buy just what they want for themselves.  We can have lovely meetings where we all decide just how much were going to treat ourselves.

Just think how much fun we can have every month.  We can create special symbols for each month just as we do with trees and lights now, or rabbits and eggs for Easter, or Turkeys and Pilgrims for Thanksgiving.  And fun Halloween where we can all be witches and wabbits.  See, we already have four months settled, so we just have to work on the other eight months.

Me?  I want a new Mac Pro, or even, SIGH, a PC if necessary, (both would be fine); an iPad, Nook, or whatever stores and gives me books to read; and all the computer gizmos and gadgets I can garner!

So which month would you suggest for which theme?  Let me know and we can plan our campaigns.