Holidays! Why wait?

As I observe all the shoppers laden with cheery packages, I have to wonder why we don’t spread all that joyous celebration out over the year.  Rather than just starting Christmas shopping about, say, July, why not create gift exchanging every month?  We could set it somewhere around the optimum income time each month to maximize our ability to give the best stuff to everyone on our list.

Hey!  More than that, why don’t we just agree that we will buy just what we want for ourselves, and our previous recipients will buy just what they want for themselves.  We can have lovely meetings where we all decide just how much were going to treat ourselves.

Just think how much fun we can have every month.  We can create special symbols for each month just as we do with trees and lights now, or rabbits and eggs for Easter, or Turkeys and Pilgrims for Thanksgiving.  And fun Halloween where we can all be witches and wabbits.  See, we already have four months settled, so we just have to work on the other eight months.

Me?  I want a new Mac Pro, or even, SIGH, a PC if necessary, (both would be fine); an iPad, Nook, or whatever stores and gives me books to read; and all the computer gizmos and gadgets I can garner!

So which month would you suggest for which theme?  Let me know and we can plan our campaigns.