Writing Blogs–a whole new world to explore

I was recently shoved into this new world of blogging by a knowledgeable writing chum.  Now, while she’s ever-willing to help me struggle with some of the bazillion questions that have raised their ugly heads, I’m determined to learn enough to stand on my own knowledge.

So what would like you to chat about?

  • Writing basics?
  • Writing specifics?
  • The American Civil War and how to research it?
  • Renaissance faires from an insider’s POV?
  • My “new” house (to me!) and the various dimensions of ownership, including the dementia of such a step?
  • The joys of moving to North Carolina from San Diego?  (And I DO mean JOYS!  NC has so much more to offer–at least to me.)
  • Being owned by two Siamese mischief makers?

I await your responses with baited breath–which certainly explains why I live alone.


Getting Started

Hey there!

Just getting started, but I’m hoping to figure all this out.

I’ve recently moved from the frenzy of San Diego to the wonderful solitude of my “new” house in the outback of the boonies in North Carolina.  It’s hard to leave all the unpacking to tend to the ‘business’ of writing again, but there’s pleasure to be found in that as well.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on writing and general enjoyment of living in the perfect (for me) house.

So, what about you?  What kinds of experiences have you had unpacking after a major move?